Four popular waterfalls spill from the rocky Niagara Escarpment near Owen Sound, rushing into nearby rivers and streams:  Inglis Falls, Jones Falls, Indian Falls and Weavers' Creek Falls in Harrison Park. Each is less than 10 kilometres from the downtown Visitor Information Centre, so you can tour all in a single day. Or take your time and choose one or two on each visit, exploring the falls, forests and trails around them. Spring is "high tide" for our waterfalls, where the water flow is abundant, but they are popular in all seasons.

Jones, Inglis and Weaver's Creek falls are linked by marked trails, offering experienced hikers an invigorating day trip with many look-out points along the way. Be sure to bring your camera!  

In winter, these three waterfalls are accessible by snowshoe.

Explore Owen Sound Waterfalls

Inglis Falls is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region, an 18-metre-high cascade on the Bruce Trail where the Sydenham River meets the Niagara Escarpment. Inglis is a must-see in every season with spectacular ice formations visible during the winter. Within the 200 hectares of the Inglis Falls Conservation Area, you will find 7.42 kilometers of hiking trails, including access to the Bruce Trail, which links to Harrison Park and Weavers Creek Falls, plus the city's Centennial Lookout Tower.

There are 20 species of ferns here, old-growth forest (cedars over 600 years old), glacial "potholes," the historic remains of a grist mill, and a fantastic view of the valley into Owen Sound. Inglis Falls is the perfect spot for snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing during the winter months and is a photographer's dream.

Type: 18-metre cascade
Admission: $10/car plus HST -or- Membership parking pass $45/cal year + HST 
River Source: Sydenham River
Open: Year-round
Access Difficulty: Easy
Walking Time: 1 min from the parking lot
Directions: From Owen Sound, head south on 2nd Avenue East and turn left onto Inglis Falls Road.  The Conservation Area entrance is on the left.

Located in beautiful Harrison Park, Weavers Creek Falls is an intimate, hidden gem at the end of a short boardwalk through hardwood forest.

In summer, it's a cool, shaded oasis along the spring-fed Weavers Creek.  In fall, the autumn leaves of the surrounding woods are bursting with colour.  You'll find the waterfall at the south end of the park by the outdoor pool, where parking is available. The boardwalk is located on city property, but Weavers Creek Falls is on private property so please be respectful on your visit.

Weavers Creek flows from the falls through Harrison Park to meet up with the Sydenham River. From mid-September to Thanksgiving you'll find Chinook Salmon swimming in the river, making their way upstream to spawn. Follow the self-guided Owen Sound Salmon Tour to learn more. In winter, you can snowshoe throughout Harrison Park and along the boardwalk to Weavers Creek Falls. If you're feeling adventurous you can hike or snowshoe to Inglis Falls from here, a distance of about 2.5 kilometres on the Bruce Trail. This is a popular hike in all seasons!

Type: Miniature plunge and cascade
Admission: Free
Open: Year-round
River Source: Weavers Creek
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Walking Time: 5 minutes along the boardwalk.
Directions: From downtown Owen Sound head south on 2nd Avenue East and turn left into Harrison Park.  Parking is available throughout the park.  The Weavers Creek boardwalk is located at the back of the park to the west of the public swimming pool.

Jones Falls plunges 12 metres over the Niagara Escarpment just west of Owen Sound on the Pottawatomi River.  It's located within the 116-acre Pottawatomi Conservation Area.   The half-kilometre trail from the Visitor Centre and Owen Sound Transportation Company parking lot will take you through various tree types and flora and fauna to the top of the falls, with a view of the surrounding lowlands. 

In spring, you will find lots of trilliums, columbine and a powerful  spring runoff cascading over the escarpment. The Pottawatomi Conservation Area features over 5 kilometres of hiking trails, making it suitable location for snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter if  you stay on the marked trails.

Type:  Cascade
Admission: Free
Open Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Take caution to avoid the steep cliffs and crevices near Jones falls during the winter.
River Source: Pottawatomi River
Access Difficulty: Moderate
Walking Time: 5 minutes from parking lot
Directions: From Owen Sound head west on 10th Street, which will turn into Highway 6 & 21. At the top of the hill at the lights, turn right heading north on Highway 6 and park at the Visitor Information Centre on your right. Trail starts at the north-east corner of the parking lot.

Discover a gorgeous horseshoe-shaped bridal veil waterfall in the 12 hectare Indian Falls Conservation Area.  Follow a one-kilometre trail from the parking lot along the Indian River to the top of the falls. The trail can be a little rough underfoot as you travel over loose stone and up the escarpment. There are stairs to help with the ascent.

During the spring, parts of the trail along the watershed may flood and in the summer months the water flow may decrease significantly. However, the unique rock formations and view of the gorge make the hike worthwhile spring, summer or fall. On route to the falls, you will find cedar, beech and hard maple trees, making it a colourful hike in autumn.

Type:  Plunge
Admission: Free
Open Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
River Source: Indian River
Access Difficulty:  Challenging
Walking Time: 20 minutes from parking lot
Directions: From Owen Sound take Grey Road 1 north towards Balmy Beach and turn left (west) into the Indian Falls Conservation area parking lot. The trail begins to the south west of the baseball diamond.