Collage Fodder Creation Series – Go BIG with Ink

Friday, June 14, 2024 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Cost: $45

Embark on a creative journey in our Collage Fodder Creation Series, a bi-weekly workshop designed to ignite your artistic imagination. This series offers a unique exploration into the world of collage fodder, providing participants with a diverse set of techniques and themes to build a captivating collection of artistic materials. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative adventure, each session is crafted to inspire and enhance your artistic practice. Workshop Highlights: Diverse Techniques: Engage in a variety of hands-on activities, from ink wash and resist experiments to translucent layers with tissue paper, ensuring a rich and varied collection of collage fodder. Themes and Inspirations: Explore different themes such as nature-inspired textures, abstract color fields, and emotional color expression. Each session brings new inspirations and ideas to infuse into your artistic projects. Flexible Participation: Designed as a bi-weekly series, participants have the flexibility to sign up for individual sessions or join us for the entire series. Every session is a standalone exploration, ensuring that each participant can craft their unique collection over time. Experimentation and Expression: Embrace the joy of experimentation as you delve into techniques like tape transfers, photocopy distortions, and stitched fabric swatches. Unleash your creativity, discover new possibilities, and express your unique artistic voice. Collaborative Learning Environment: Join a community of like-minded creatives, share ideas, and witness the diverse approaches to collage fodder creation. Our supportive environment encourages collaboration, making each workshop a dynamic and inspiring experience. Topics: June 14, 2024 – Go BIG with Ink June 28, 2024 – Music and Mood Logistics: Frequency: Bi-weekly sessions (every two weeks) Duration: 1.5 hours Date: January 26, 2024 Location: In-Person at Upwards Art Studio How to Register: To secure your spot in this exciting series, simply register below or contact us to register for individual sessions or the entire series. Don’t miss the opportunity to build a unique collection of collage fodder and elevate your artistic practice.

Event image Collage Fodder Creation Series – Go BIG with Ink