Art Supply Showcase: Bi-Weekly Product Demos – Gamblin Oil Artist Grade vs. 1980 Paints

Saturday, June 8, 2024 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Cost: FREE

Join us for a dynamic series of Art Supply Showcase, featuring bi-weekly product demonstrations at our art supply store. Immerse yourself in the world of creative possibilities as we highlight and explore a diverse range of art materials, tools, and techniques. Each session is designed to provide hands-on experience, valuable insights, and inspiration for artists of all levels. Upcoming Demos: June 8, 2024 starting at 11:00am: Gamblin Oil Artist Grade vs. 1980 Paints Gamblin’s colors are highly pigmented and permanent. The paint has a wonderful consistency, it’s smooth but it’s not too runny. Due to the archival properties and the strength of the paint film that the linseed binder provides, this is the go-to brand of oil paint for artists! Experience the innovative qualities of Gamblin Oils and their impact on your artistic expression. June 22, 2024 starting at 11:00am: Princeton Catalyst Tools Not quite a brush. Not quite a palette knife. Catalyst™ tools are crafted from flexible silicone to allow artists a new form of expression. Available in two unique styles: Catalyst™ Wedges are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand allowing a direct interaction with your work. Catalyst™ Blades are mounted on artist brush handles offering a blend of tradition and innovation. Designed for use with heavy-bodied paints, Catalyst™ is at home with oils, acrylics, and water-miscible oils. Because they are heat-resistant, they excel with encaustics. Learn practical tips for using Princeton Catalyst Tools to achieve captivating effects in your art. July 6, 2024 starting at 11:00am: R&F Encaustic Paints The fine quality and exquisite visual properties of R&F Encaustic Paints are owed to the dedicated labour process. R&F carefully mixes pigment, pure beeswax, and damar resin. Each colour is heavily pigmented and carefully milled. Because no solvents are used, many health hazards associated with other art materials are eliminated. The beeswax contained in R&F Encaustic Paints makes them impervious to moisture, and thus highly durable. Over time, your art retains all the freshness of a newly finished work.Discover the dynamic possibilities of R&F Encaustic Paints and how it can transform your creative journey. RSVP Details: Spaces are limited, and RSVPs are encouraged to ensure an intimate and engaging experience. Reserve your spot now to secure a front-row seat to discover the latest and most innovative art supplies. Why Join: Hands-On Experience: Engage with featured products through live demonstrations. Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced artists and product specialists. Exclusive Offers: Enjoy special discounts and promotions on showcased products. Community Connection: Connect with fellow artists in a creative and inspiring environment. Don’t miss out on these exciting opportunities to explore, create, and enhance your artistic journey. RSVP today to join us for our upcoming Art Supply Showcase sessions!

Event image Art Supply Showcase: Bi-Weekly Product Demos – Gamblin Oil Artist Grade vs. 1980 Paints