Heartwood Hall
Nightlife, Music, Arts & Entertainment

Heartwood Concert Hall is an event space located on the 2nd floor overtop of Heartwood Home (our retail store featuring fabulous auction finds, upcycled and repurposed goods, consignment pieces, local artist’s works and more).

HCH is open for events only. Although it’s primary use is as a music concert hall (185 capacity), the beautiful and rustic space with 14’ ceilings is used for all different kinds of events such as film screenings, private functions (including weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events, etc.) Depending on the use for the hall, the rental fee is on a “sliding scale” from 0 and up depending on the type of event, duration, and expected revenue potential from food & drink. Please note that due to the fact that we are a 2nd floor location there are 25 stairs and 2 landings at front entrance. We apologize that we are non-accessible (nor are the washrooms accessible).

939 2nd Ave E
2nd Floor